PECI 2023 Keynote Presenter:

Dr. Julie Cohn

Center for Public History, University of Houston

Julie A. Cohn, Ph.D., is a research historian in the Center for Public History at the University of Houston and a non-resident scholar at the Center for Energy Studies in Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy. Her work focuses on energy infrastructures, environmental history, technological change, and the relationships between government, business, and the public. Cohn's book, The Grid, Biography of an American Technology, examines the history of electrification in North America, and especially the story of how and why power companies chose to interconnect. Current research focuses on development of the isolated Texas power grid, the stories of power systems engineers and the algorithms we use to control our grids today, and how notions of reliability changed over time.

Talk title:

When the grid was "The Grid": A short history of building our electric power networks