PECI 2023 Keynote Presenter:

Andy Provenza

Deputy Project Manager of Technology, NASA

Andrew Provenza is the Deputy Project Manager of Technology for NASA's University Innovation Project. He is responsible for co-managing the projects activities as well as harnessing the university ecosystem to develop new innovative concepts towards reducing the negative effects of aviation on our Planet. Fresh new ideas will be needed, as we look out beyond our National Net Zero Carbon Emissions Goals for 2050, to reduce emissions even further - towards True Zero. Prior to this, Andrew was a Research Engineer at NASA Glenn working on a variety of turbomachinery research projects. Highlights include real-time aeromechanics safety monitoring and analysis for NASA and commercial customer aircraft propulsive fan research in NASA Glenn wind tunnels, and magnetic bearing research and development for ground, aero, and space applications.

NASA Electrified Aircraft Propulsion - Some History, Current Projects, A look to the Future, and More

Studies conducted over the past 20 years have shown that the Electrification of Aircraft Propulsion (EAP) provides opportunities for reducing the fuel burn, emissions, and noise of aircraft. NASA has several current programs in place for flight testing promising EAP technologies. Some of these programs will be discussed as well as current University Led Initiatives exploring new innovative propulsion concepts. NASA funded efforts, started almost 10 years ago to develop EAP components, specific to the University of Illinois will be described as part of the history presented. A look to the future, beyond, or as an alternative to our Nation's goal of NET Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050, will also be discussed. Finally, as this is a student conference at a Big Ten University, Mr. Provenza will provide some insight into his personal path from Big Ten student athlete to NASA and towards his interests in Zero Emissions Aviation.