PECI 2023 Final Papers

Final Paper Format Instructions

Final Paper Submission Instructions

  1. Update title and abstract, if needed. This information can be updated on the Final Paper Information page for your paper. To access this page go to your dashboard and click on the title of your paper under the Final Papers section. Email the publications committee regarding adding or removing authors in the final paper.
  2. Submit your presenter information. If you will be presenting your paper, please also submit a short bio (3-4 sentences) here. If an author on the paper other than yourself will be the one presenting the paper, please direct them to submit their bio using the same link. PLEASE NOTE: as mentioned before, your presenter must be one of the co-authors on the paper. There will not be any exceptions made.
  3. Submit your final paper.
    1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress web site:
    2. Click "Create account".
    3. Enter 57361X for the Conference ID, your email address, and choose a new password. Continue to enter information as prompted. Click “Submit”.
    4. For each conference paper, click "Create New Title".
    5. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).
    6. Click "Submit PDF for Checking or Converting".
    7. Click "Choose File", select the file to upload, and click "Upload File".
    8. You will receive an email confirming your file successfully uploaded.
    9. After that, you should receive another e-mail that either indicates your PDF is IEEE-compliant (with an attachment of the PDF), or contains details of why it did not pass the check.
    10. Once your paper has passed the PDF check and you have received the confirmation email, login to your PECI account and go to your dashboard, click on the title of your paper under "Papers accepted to PECI 2023" and click on the button "Upload final paper" to upload the attached PDF file.
    11. This concludes your final paper submission.
  4. Sign the copyright form electronically. Close to the conference date, authors will receive an email from IEEE requesting them to follow a link and fill the copyright form.

Questions About Publications?

For questions regarding publications, please contact our Publications Committee here.