Paper Digest Submission Information

Paper Digest Format

Interested authors must submit a research digest of up to 4 pages. Digests that do not meet the format requirements below will not be eligible for review and will therefore not be considered for inclusion in the conference, so please follow the directions carefully. All accepted papers will be presented in oral sessions and will be included in IEEE Xplore.

All submitted digests are required to be written in English only.

The digest must not exceed 4 pages including all figures, results, text and references. The digest should begin with a concise abstract of 150 words or less. Paper's main text font size should be minimum 10 points in Times New Roman or Arial. The title should be in 24 point and bold. All text should be double-columned single-spaced. Figures that show results are encouraged. References must be in IEEE format. The digest should NOT contain information clearly identifying any of the authors. All author and contact details will be collected during the digest submission process and will not be shared with reviewers.

Paper Digest Template

The following templates are made available as a reference for the format requirements outlined above.

(.doc) (.pdf)

Digest Submission System

The PECI 2023 digest submission system is currently open.

You will need an account on the PECI website to submit a digest. If you do not have an account, please click here to create one.

When you are logged in, please click here to submit your digest.

Questions about Publications?

For questions regarding publications, please contact our Publications Committee here.